GA Parrucchieri was born in 1970 from the passion of Gianna, Alberto’s mother.

The salon embraces trends but adapts them to the physiognomy and spirit of each of its clients, always seeking balance and harmony with oneself.

In 1996 Alberto started his salon business in Mirandola, and since 2024 he has also been actively cooperating in one of the most prestigious salons in the center of Verona.

Alberto trains and trains himself with the best international staff.
The stimulus for continuous research and constant updating are fundamental for him.

Every year Mirandola and New York meet.
Alberto is hosted in the metropolis’ most fashionable salons, working alongside the world’s best hair stylists to perfect and develop innovative techniques and styles.

On his return, he brings a breath of overseas air to the family salon.

For years, Alberto worked and collaborated with hair stylists of the calibre of Rossano Ferretti, from whom he learnt the method, customer care and precision in cutting, Nick Arrojo, Gerard Scarpaci from whom he learnt to interpret the nature of each hair and its natural movements.

passion and research

Alberto Guicciardi constantly expresses his passion for research and development in hair styling, such as techniques, styles and tools that can innovate the sector and bring added value.

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Hair Beauty& Spa

Care, harmonyand wellbeing of the hair.

The experience and every detail are focused on the well-being and customisation of each service, enhancing the uniqueness and personality of each customer.


Respecting natural hair loss, enhancing each person’s individual morphology, specific hair characteristics and individual life style, rejecting standardisation and conformity.


Individual counselling for each client becomes the moment to understand and enhance the client’s needs and desires for a harmonious application of the Method.


Continuous training to keep abreast of trends and techniques; one-to-one training and hair classes understanding hair styling as a privileged channel for enhancing the uniqueness and wellbeing of each individual.