passion and research

Alberto Guicciardi constantly expresses his passion for research and development in hair styling, such as techniques, styles and tools that can innovate the sector and bring added value.

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Care Details

In a space of comfort, consulting translates into active listening to the customer as a Person.
Years of study and research into cutting technique, individual morphology and styling trends, tailor-made for the client for full enhancement of individual characteristics.
The cornerstones of a caring experience are the wellbeing of the hair and the Person as a whole.
Passion and experience translate into first-class services for the hair world.

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Path of beauty

Our strengths

We take care of the customer by following a specific principle of attention and appreciation.


Innovating and inspiring, using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment in haircutting for men and women.

Studying the Person’s morphology (cranial/facial structure, physicality), hair type and lifestyle, in order to focus on a balance of proportions that can harmonise and make each client unique, enhancing them.

Using the fundamentals of geometric basics and adapting the most appropriate geometry to the person’s morphology – approach inspired by Vidal Sassoon training.


Tradition and innovation coexist in sartorial research to achieve the ideal result.
Light, movement and wellbeing of the hair lead to deciphering the ‘colour code’ of each person, which is fundamental to studying the optimal look.

Enhancing beauty, minimising flaws, increasing personal comfort. With Armocromy, the combination of hair, eyes and skin, it is possible to outline a colour palette that enhances the face and one’s appearance, giving luminosity and freshness.

Innovating methods and techniques.
We have recently been accredited as a CDC Degradé Conseil authorised salon.
Degradé Conseil is an innovative colouring method that is clearly distinguishable from traditional techniques.
A personalised shade of colour that makes all the difference. The product is applied to the hair vertically, thus respecting its natural growth and colour development.


Discover the right cut for you, taking advantage of Alberto’s professionalism and experience.

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Alberto also enjoys sharing his passion as a trainer.
He offers customised and personalised consultancy and training services.

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